Masterkool IKOOL 80+ White 63 Litre Evaporative Portable Residential Air Cooler

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Air Conditioning Centre Masterkool IKOOL 80+ White 80 Litre Evaporative Portable Residential Air Cooler - Mobile Unit - Suitable for Home or Office - Has a Direct Water Connection

Please note that the Masterkool IKOOL 80 Plus is an evaporative air cooler and not an air conditioning unit. Evaporative air coolers use honeycomb pad technology.

Presenting a great, new range of portable air coolers exclusively from MasterKool. This stand alone, quiet and reliable unit is a great alternative to a fan cooler. Ideal during the warm summer months, the iKool-80 Plus provides a cost effective, efficient and reliable cooling solution for homes and small offices alike.

Large tank capacity for longer cooling time

High efficiency pad that cools 30% more than conventional pads

Powerful air flow for faster cooling and comfort

Automatic louvers for better air distribution

Multi directional wheels move effortlessly

Reliable – Quiet – Efficient – Portable

Also known as Swamp Coolers or Spot Coolers, MasterKool Air Coolers simply use the process of evaporation to create a cool environment, without the need for an expensive air conditioning system. They are simple to use, portable and cheap to run.

Air Volume 5500 m3/hr - Area Coverage 45m2 - Power 205 W/Hz - Water Tank Capacity 63 Litres - Fan Speed 4

Overall Dimensions - 61cm x 46.2cm x 125cm

Nett Weight - 23.0Kg

Includes - Water Level Sensor, Remote Control, Timer & Direct Water Connection

Brand - Air Conditioning Centre MasterKool 80+ / 80 Plus Master Cool

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