CL48PM Indoor Outdoor 48 Litre Evaporative Portable Residential Air Cooler

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Honeywell CL48PM 48 Litre Evaporative Portable Residential Air Cooler - Mobile Unit - Can be used Indoors or Outdoors - Office or Home Use

Please note that the Honeywell CL48PM is an evaporative air cooler and not an air conditioning unit. Evaporative air coolers use honeycomb pad technology.

The Honeywell CL48PM is a powerful evaporative air cooler and is the perfect choice to keep indoor and semi-outdoor environments comfortably cool and breezy.

This air cooler comes with a easy to operate control panel and a 48 litre water tank. It also has a built-in overflow protection system allow long periods of unattended operation, making it perfect for more demanding applications.

Perfect for Garage, Restaurant, Shop, Hotel, Lobby, Waiting Area, Warehouse, Gymnasium

Cooling area: up to 57m2

Tank size: 48 Litres

Air flow: 1800 m³/hr

3 Speed Fan: High/Med/Low

Oscillating Louvers

Adjustable Humidity Control

Continuous Water Supply Option

Water Level Indicator

Low Water Cut Off

Air Flow: 1800 m3/hr

Dimensions – Height  868mm x Length 620mm x Depth 375mm

Weight -  13.3kg

Brand - Honeywell CL48PM

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