CO60OD Indoor Outdoor 60 Litre Evaporative Portable Residential Air Cooler

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Honeywell CO60OD 60 Litre Evaporative Portable Residential Air Cooler - Mobile Unit - Can be used Indoors or Outdoors - Office, Industrial or Home Use

Please note that the Honeywell CO60OD is an evaporative air cooler and not an air conditioning unit. Evaporative air coolers use honeycomb pad technology.

Honeywell CO60OD Evaporative Air Cooler

The powerful Honeywell CO60OD evaporative air cooler is the perfect choice to keep your indoor environment comfortably cool and breezy.

Its capable motor helps to deliver the highest air flow in its range of indoor evaporative air coolers while a 40 cm fan blade and triple honeycomb media keep performance optimal. With its continuous water supply connection and massive 60 litre water tank, it's the perfect choice for the more demanding and commercial environment.

Perfect for - indoor and outdoor use

Cooling area - up to 80m2

Dimensions -  Length 700mm x Width 466mm x Height 1017mm

Tank size- 60 Litres

Air flow – 2610 m3/hour

Brand - Honeywell CO60OD CL60PM CO60PM

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