Symphony Diet22i White 22 Litre Evaporative Residential Air Cooler

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Symphony Diet22i White 22 Litre Evaporative Portable Residential Air Cooler - Mobile Unit

Please note that the symphony Diet22i is an evaporative air cooler and not an air conditioning unit. Evaporative air coolers use honeycomb pad technology.

Where performance, style and intelligence get together. It is energy efficient with a low power consumption. Loaded with a remote control and most importantly, intelligent functions. And with great looks to boot, it is the perfect accompaniment to your place.

Dimensions - Length 300mm x Breadth 330mm x Height 943mm

Weight - 8.0Kg

For rooms up to 42 m3

Large 22 L tank capacity

Consumes 170 watts* only

System restore function

High efficiency honeycomb pad

i-Pure technology

Full function remote with 7 hour timer

Brand - Symphony Diet22i - Diet 22i

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